Monday, November 23, 2009

There was a Winnebago in Emmett which was being parted out.
Among the items I traded for were chrome bumpers, front and rear. Sadly, I had just painted the stock bumpers so they were looking pretty good. It's a split decision in the family as to wether the chrome looks better than the white paint. Still not sure.

Also painted the wheels:

Starting to look a like it might be an alright rig.

Next on the list is the roof. Thats gonna be a big job. Can't wait. A local commercial roofing company gave me large enough remnant piece of TPO membrane roofing to recover the roof.


  1. Hi Walter,

    My mom, sister and I just bought this very same Classic this weekend. We live outside of Kansas City and purchased in Iowa. I love to visit with you about our Winnabagos, we've never had any type of RV before...


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